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Tentacle Leverages Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing For New AI Control Mapping Feature, Empowering Organizations To Reclaim Valuable Resources
Published: 04-18-23
Tentacle AI Control Mapping is the first of a series of machine learning-powered features scheduled to be released, all of which are designed to drastically reduce the time and effort related to manual and repetitive tasks...
Tentacle and Oread Announce Partnership to Simplify SOC 2 Compliance for Organizations of All Sizes
Published: 04-13-23
With Tentacle’s release of the indexed SOC 2 security framework earlier this year, organizations have access to critical tools to eliminate guesswork by leveraging auditor-vetted SOC 2 controls...
Tentacle and The Washington Center Advance Equity and Diversity in Cybersecurity Through Innovative Micro-Internship Program
Published: 03-14-23
Together with other industry and academic partners, Tentacle and The Washington Center are committed to promoting inclusion and diversity in cybersecurity and empowering the next generation of cybersecurity professionals...
Tentacle Enhances Security Assessment Functionality By Adding Custom Questions
Published: 07-19-22
Tentacle announces Additional Custom Questions feature which enables users to customize an assessment by including user-created questions with a standardized assessment...
Tentacle Closes Funding and Celebrates One Year Post-launch of Industry-leading Information Security Platform
Published: 06-01-22
Tentacle announces the closing of an investment by PSG, a growth equity firm partnering with software and technology-enabled services companies to help accelerate their growth...
Tentacle Releases Automated Risk and Threat Assessments, Announces Partnership Network
Published: 04-19-22
Tentacle has announced its newest feature: Automated Risk and Threat Assessments. The new functionality is now offered on all free and paid tiers and allows users to quickly obtain both a threat profile and risk rating...
Plano-Based Tentacle Launches Tech Platform To ‘Transform the Information Security Space
Published: 09-30-21
With more than 2,200 daily cyberattacks worldwide—at an average $200K per successful attack—organizations are racing to increase their information security. Tentacle says its configurable data management tool can help organizations modernize and optimize their security programs "with far greater efficiency and effectiveness...
Tentacle Announces The Launch Of Its Software Application To Modernize The Information Security Industry’s Archaic And Inefficient Ways
Published: 09-28-21
Tentacle announces the official launch of its inaugural technical platform focusing on modernizing, optimizing, and connecting key stakeholders and the details of their respective Information Security Programs. Tentacle’s core application is a highly configurable data management and security assessment tool...