Captain's Log
“After a brief stop ashore, which allowed us to pick up some new crew, we filled our bellies and barrels, charted out our latest maps, and negotiated with the locals for a new ship - which we then transferred our supplies from “Staging” (our old ship) to our new sea vessel (which we are now calling “Production”) - we have, again, set a sail. On Production, we have hoisted brand new sails that are now able to be seen across the entire sea, no matter where one may be. The crew designed a sea appropriate octopus, to highlight the various tentacles of our journey and give our sails a bit of personality. Our crew appears to be energized by this move and is already focused on the next phase of our voyage.”
- Captain's Log / July 2021
“Our time has come. After nearly a full orbit of our great earth around the ever so powerful sun, our crew has reached its first destination, completing the first phase of our mission, intact and with stronger sea legs than originally expected. No matter how strong the winds or how mighty the ocean tides may have been, our crew never lost faith in our journey and did an exemplary job of judiciously course-correcting. Reaching solid ground will allow us to fill our barrels and bellies, add to our crew, and prepare ourselves for the next phase. From my cabin, I continue to hear ramblings of several new capabilities the crew has planned for our next phase, and I don’t think my barrel running dry had anything to do with that.”
- Captain's Log / May 2021
“Our crew appears to be more focused than ever on cleaning up the main deck, scrubbing the haul, and cleaning our sails as we get closer and closer to the island just over the horizon - what many are thinking will be our final destination. I’ve overheard the words ‘launch’ uttered more than once, though have concluded they must be referring to some sort of ‘lunch’ planned upon arrival. For the destination we are about to reach we are hoping will bear fruit and plenty of other foods to keep our stomachs full. Barring no unforeseen storms, I fully expect my next writing to come on solid ground.”
- Captain's Log / March 2021
"We were stuck on shore for a week as our ship froze in the ice of shallow waters. While gathering supplies, we picked up a new crew member who was roaming the land planting trees. We figure he’ll be able to help us with our final preparations. The ice has melted and we are underway again. The navigator spotted our first destination from the top perch this morning. We must sail with purpose to reach it with the supplies on board."
- Captain's Log / February 2021
"Full speed ahead! The new year has graced us with yet another crew member. He’s a navigator of sorts and will help us notify others once we arrive at our final destination. The other day we passed by an island and saw a storm of people falling about and making a racket. Didn’t seem like a capital idea what so ever. Still trying to make sense of that one. Headed into deeper water and learning more each day."
- Captain's Log / January 2021
"Based on the position of the stars and motion of the current, our Navigator has declared the year is coming to an end. It’s time to return to the ship and prepare for the next leap forward in our journey. The Quartermaster arranged a celebration in acknowledgment of the crew’s achievements. It will be held above deck, outside, with barrels of whiskey spaced at least six feet apart. We discovered a map on the island that points us toward the deepest parts of the ocean. In a few short months, we will find ourselves diving deep into the waters we have been studying so diligently."
- Captain's Log / December 2020
"A cool wind is blowing in from the north as we make our way through the deep mazes of this island. Riddled with puzzles at every turn, the path to our first major achievement has proven to be a worthy opponent. Our crew is fully healed and one stronger in number. We’ve stopped briefly to make camp. I’ve taken this time to reflect on all we have been able to accomplish together. I’m full of thanks and it’s giving me what I think are “feelings”. I think it’s time to get back to open waters and hijack a ship or make someone walk the plank."
- Captain's Log / November 2020
"We’ve taken to shore and not a moment too soon. One of our crew caught a virus floating in the winds and our cook had an unfortunate accident in the kitchen. Spirits remain high though as we build a stronghold to store our precious treasure. We needed to hide it but all we had on the ship was cotton. Stepping back and looking at it… it kind of looks like a cloud. We are making maps and prepare to move inland to find our bounty."
- Captain's Log / October 2020
"We are now fully underway on the most critical stretch of our journey. Full sails are driving us toward our destination. Occasional shifts in the currents have proven to be no match for the dedicated crew on board. The next portion of the path with be undoubtably taxing but will give us evidence of the reward we are seeking. One deck mate showed me something the other day about “datta?” and “science?”. Not completely sure but it sounds like a tasty brew.”
- Captain's Log / September 2020
"The sea has a way of bearing unexpected treasure. Our crew has grown in number by two but has grown in skill by leagues. The first real milestones in our journey have been realized and we are charging ahead. I’m feeling an overwhelming sense of camaraderie. Maybe we should all get matching tattoos at the next port."
- Captain's Log / August 2020
"Our destination continues to reveal itself. The winds are strong and our speed has increased. We hope to take on more crew soon. P.S I think I saw a mermaid yesterday."
- Captain's Log / July 2020
"We are constructing an ocean of information. Our team has left port. The skies are clear and promising. Morale is high."
- Captain's Log / June 2020
"We have received the supplies needed to start our journey from a local trader. Messages have been sent to our counterparts in distant lands. Hope the pigeons make it in time."
- Captain's Log / May 2020