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"Tentacle is solving a core problem in our industry – capturing and communicating information about security posture. Rather than spending countless hours filling out and emailing custom spreadsheets, Tentacle is revolutionizing how security assessments are performed. Tentacle is doing for information security what the common application did for college admissions."

Peter TroostManaging DirectorPSG Equity

What Is HIPAA?

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) ensures that organizations that access, store, or process sensitive patient health information, in the United States, follow best practices to keep this protected data secure.

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Build your security program on Tentacle using controls mapped to HIPAA. Tentacle recommends key policies, processes, and procedures needed for HIPAA to help you streamline the assessment process.

HIPAA Considerations

Primary Goal
Aligning with HIPAA helps organizations protect the confidentiality and security of healthcare information.
Validating Security
HIPAA sets boundaries on the use and release of health records. It establishes appropriate safeguards that health care providers and other organizations must achieve to protect the privacy of health information.
Assessment Effort Level
Tentacle guides your organization through responding to the 784 total controls within HIPAA so you fully understand how your security program maps to the standard.

Who typically adheres to HIPAA?

Any organization that accesses, processes or stores health information in the United States must align with HIPAA. This includes healthcare providers, health insurance companies, and health maintenance organizations.

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Tentacle maps your security program to HIPAA. Get a Risk Rating as well as instant feedback of your HIPAA Content Performance. Easily identify and address gaps to scale your business securely.

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