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Tentacle's Standardized Assessments give you a Risk Rating. Take them for your own organization or send them in a 3rd Party Assessment. Your Risk Ratings are available for you and anyone you connect with in Tentacle.
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Standard Assessments and Risk Ratings feature controls from the following Frameworks:
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Standard Assessments Provide Risk Ratings

These standardized assessments contain questions from several security frameworks and can be taken proactively or when requested to complete an assessment from a 3rd Party. Either way, once you have completed a standard assessment, you will have a Risk Rating, Risk Report, and future assessment requests for a standard assessment will be 100% complete.

The Quick Assessment is designed to focus on the most critical components of your security program. Once complete, your first Risk Rating and report is made available. This report can be viewed by you as well as any connected Partners you have in Tentacle.

You can continue to work through the standardized assessments to increase your awareness and disclosure. The Risk Report breaks down your rating across 9 Security Pillars which are specific areas of focus for your program.


Understanding Your Risk

You can complete standard Risk Assessments for each project you create in Tentacle. That means you can understand and communicate the Risk for all the different products and services your organizations offers.

The Risk Rating for each Project is an Overall measurement that considers both the Operational Risk of your program and your Threat Profile.

As you grow and improve your program, you can update your content and see your Risk Rating change. Changes to your Risk Rating will also appear for any 3rd party you connect with in Tentacle that has permission to view that project.

Focus Your Efforts Across 9 Security Pillars

Each Risk Report provides a detailed breakdown of your Operational Risk across 9 Security Pillars. Pillars are areas of focus for your program. Easily identify areas of focus for your programs or the 3rd party you are assessing.

Your Pillar Grades will update along with the Risk Score as changes are made to the content and responses in the project. If you are connected with other organizations, you will see changes to their Risk Rating as soon as updates are made.

Additional Pillars include: Planning & Preparation, Leadership & Support, 3rd Party Risk, Policies & Procedures, Data Protection, Visibility & Awareness.

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