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Tentacle 10: Common Types of Cyber Attacks and Steps for Prevention
Published: 05-24-23
In this list, we’ve researched and aggregated some of the most common types of cyber attacks to explore their characteristics and steps to prevention....
Leveraging Large Language Models for Smarter Cybersecurity
Published: 05-15-23
Deep learning neural networks (or more specifically “transformer models”), like the one powering our import tool at Tentacle, are able to not only begin to build a graph of words like the above example, they are also able to understand how those words might change...
The 5 Unanimous Needs InfoSec Professionals Are Hoping Technology Will Solve
Published: 04-03-23
I’ve been laser-focused on the information security space now for the last three years since launching Tentacle, though ideated on the Tentacle concept for many years prior while buried deep in security questionnaires...
Don’t Let Those (IT) Resolutions Slip Just Yet: How Tentacle Helps Tackle InfoSec Priorities in 2023
Published: 02-07-23
For any IT leader using CIO.com’s resolution list as a guide, I’ve provided specific ways, when it comes to information security, that Tentacle will help achieve your (IT) resolution list for 2023...
Altruism in Information Security, Part 3: Effort (and Sacrifice) in Execution
Published: 11-16-22
I could not wrap up this blog series without at least taking some time to acknowledge and speak to the amount of effort that is truly required to pull off a proper information security program...
Altruism in Information Security, Part 2: Identifying Hurdles Along the Path
Published: 11-09-22
In Part 1 of “Altruism in Information Security” I shared my thoughts on how I find the concept of altruism to be woven into the fabric of the ideal Information Security program...
Altruism in Information Security? (Part 1 of 3)
Published: 11-02-22
Altruism and Information Security; two terms not commonly used together - the first term not often used to describe the foundational philosophy of the latter...
Information Security Management and the Connectivity Gap: Solving for the Missing Links in Enterprise Information Security
Published: 10-18-22
Let’s start with the basics: a foundational definition of Information Security management is the process of developing, maintaining, and continuously improving processes...
Let The Framework Be Your Guide: Tips for Identifying the Right Security Framework
Published: 08-24-22
The idea of formalized Information Security leveraging a security framework isn’t new. As study after study is released detailing the continuous increase of cyber security threats faced by all organizations...
Improve Your Security Posture With Centralized Management
Published: 05-31-22
Security posture is a measure of your organization’s overall security effectiveness. The term can be a little confusing, because it doesn’t just refer to how good your company is at...
Milestones Hit & Lessons Learned
Published: 05-31-22
The timing of when I started Tentacle, associated with what was really making the headlines in our society, and my previous lessons learned from YourCause, inspired me to launch this business...
How to Win More Deals (FASTER!) With Automated Security Questionnaire Responses
Published: 05-04-22
There’s no getting around them - and if I’m honest - even my inner salesperson, driven by the speed of the sale, knows filling out security questionnaires is an essential component...
I'm Looking for the Brave
Published: 04-12-22
I jumped headfirst into the Information Security space as a result of being pummeled for years by the gross inefficiencies and...
The parallels between running the Rim-2-Rim-2-Rim (Grand Canyon) and Security Assessments
Published: 12-06-21
Since starting Tentacle, I have been standing on my soap box preaching the absurdity of the state of today’s information security market...
Is the InfoSec Risk Assessment Process Genuinely Disingenuous?
Published: 11-01-21
Over the years, I have grown increasingly frustrated and disappointed with the approaches taken by the industry...
Performing an Effective IT Risk Assessment
Published: 08-02-21
Data breaches, network software exploitation, utility shutdowns: even a cursory glance at headlines today is enough to send a shiver up the most confident executive’s spine...
Good On My Word: Fixing the Broken Information Security Assessment Process 10-years Later
Published: 06-28-21
In starting my last business (YourCause), I had assumed that once I was able to build our core product to a certain point...
Equality Learning Group - Reflections on Caste
Published: 06-10-21
From January to March, our Equality Learning Group held its first book club and read Caste by Isabelle Wilkerson...
I would never admit sayin' this but...
Published: 02-16-21
Tentacle Voices
This blog post is not intended to be my confessional or my therapeutic cleanse for the last 44 years, but rather my attempt to pass along a few lessons...
The Last Administration Might Have Been More Powerful Than We’re Giving It Credit For...
Published: 01-25-21
Tentacle Voices
I am not here to endorse or criticize the outgoing administration, nor am I seeking to push my political views onto anybody who might read this. We all...