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How to Win More Deals (FASTER!) With Automated Security Questionnaire Responses
Published: 05-04-22
There’s no getting around them - and if I’m honest - even my inner salesperson, driven by the speed of the sale, knows filling out security questionnaires is an essential component...
I'm Looking for the Brave
Published: 04-12-22
I jumped headfirst into the Information Security space as a result of being pummeled for years by the gross inefficiencies and...
The parallels between running the Rim-2-Rim-2-Rim (Grand Canyon) and Security Assessments
Published: 12-06-21
Since starting Tentacle, I have been standing on my soap box preaching the absurdity of the state of today’s information security market...
Is the InfoSec Risk Assessment Process Genuinely Disingenuous?
Published: 11-01-21
Over the years, I have grown increasingly frustrated and disappointed with the approaches taken by the industry...
Performing an Effective IT Risk Assessment
Published: 08-02-21
Data breaches, network software exploitation, utility shutdowns: even a cursory glance at headlines today is enough to send a shiver up the most confident executive’s spine...
Good On My Word: Fixing the Broken Information Security Assessment Process 10-years Later
Published: 06-28-21
In starting my last business (YourCause), I had assumed that once I was able to build our core product to a certain point...
Equality Learning Group - Reflections on Caste
Published: 06-10-21
From January to March, our Equality Learning Group held its first book club and read Caste by Isabelle Wilkerson...
I would never admit sayin' this but...
Published: 02-16-21
Tentacle Voices
This blog post is not intended to be my confessional or my therapeutic cleanse for the last 44 years, but rather my attempt to pass along a few lessons...
The Last Administration Might Have Been More Powerful Than We’re Giving It Credit For...
Published: 01-25-21
Tentacle Voices
I am not here to endorse or criticize the outgoing administration, nor am I seeking to push my political views onto anybody who might read this. We all...